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Jan 29, 2017

Little Girl Picking Flowers For Here Mom, by Sherri's Of Palm Springs

I bet you all must remember picking a flower or flowers when you were little kids
I remember sometimes it was just a dandeloin or a little something to bring it to her.
She was always happy no matter what it was mom always said " your so sweet thank
you so much...

Jan 28, 2017

Christ On The Cross by Sherri's Of Palm Springs

Artist's Description

Well, I tried hard to make him what he looked like on the cross, but you know as Vallerie Ann Kelly always told me it is very hard to look at her paintings of Jesus,while she is painting him… needless to say Mine will never look like hers, her art is so beautiful… but it was a lot of thinking of him..
Here is a little prayer I made up a long time ago..
Jesus is my guiding light, he gives me love and strength
He shows me exactly what to say and do under most conditions
and situations.
He shows me light, love, kindness, joy and so forth and so on
I then ask from whatever else I need help with, at the particular
time, day, month, moment, minute…
Dedicated to Peace on Earth

Jan 9, 2017

Heal The World-Art Kindness Peace Love bySherriofpalmsprins

This is an image which has different names on the market. Sometimes When I get the image
done and see it again, I look at it and it makes me see other things... I see now what we need
for a peaceful earth THE CROSS-PRAYER, The colors are all peaceful colors, Love is with
in the paintig, The Moon could be the smile we all need to do more often. The little dot in the
center of the universe where all thoughts come from. Thought of  the art that you do! If you believe
in the Universal thoughts.Kindness comes from your heart.,Love needs to be the song goes

What The World Needs Now Is Love / Dionne Warwick

New .. Devine Order by Sherris Of Palm Springs
When I woke up the other morning I wanted to do something inspirational, I started with
the background and then looked for something that would give me a pick up.. I found this
hope you get a pick up to...

Dec 22, 2016


our Lady of Fatima is one of my favorite Stories since I was a child.
Three Children saw the Lady of Fatima .. I will give you a link if you
are interested in seeing more of the children

My Little Angel In Heaven, by Sherris Of Palm Springs

Michele and Breast Cancer 
Michele, was a healthy gal, exercised, ate the right foods, walked the mountains in Palm Springs
did everything right, Michele went to Haiti with a group to help the children, She loved God,. When we found out it really was a shock that her breast cancer had spread. ( As of course it would be a shock to a family that  a child had cancer and was not going to survive).. The doctor said that the cancer started about 10 years ago in her body.. That was something we didn't quite understand. 
God Bless anyone that has Cancer and the survivors.. wonderful!! I would think you have more work to do  here on earth whatever it may be.. You have to find that path. Just a opinion that I believe. 
God bless the persons that
have Cancer and will not make it...The pain you have will be no more when you get to heaven.. If You believe that there is a heaven..Oh my goodness, I am just relating what my thoughts are this morning. Whatever your beliefs are in anything you want or do..BELIEVE

To The Families I feel your pain if it is a child, husband wife friend their pain will be gone.. God wanted them home... as I believe  Heaven now has another angel that will be with us in spirit.

 I remember my mom saying... to me about the angels the good angel is on the right shoulder and
keeps the bad devil off the left shoulder.. then of course I use to tell my children that little story.
If You Believe!! 

Christmas Eve dinner we will pray holding hands and know that My Michele and the rest of my family will be with us in spirit. 

I would love to hear what you think, please know as you are reading I am not a writer and my english was lost a 100 years ago..Merry Christmas and happy holidays


For the children that have cancer..there is St. Jude Reseach Hospital that if you don't have the money your donations will help the parents stay with their child all free as they are trying to cure the child that has cancer. I will give you the link..

I really don't know how or what you would need to do to qualify...But to if any one  wants to donate. 

Our Lady of Fatima story

Dec 9, 2016

Mary Did You Know!! Beautiful Song and a Digital Art Piece.. His Name Is Jesus..And more art by Sherri


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God HisGod Is Love by Sherri Of Palm SpringsGod Is Love by Sherri Of Palm Springs

Please Contact Artist for more information.. Thank You Sherri