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Dec 8, 2011

Hello out there,
Well today is another beautiful day in our world. We don't realize how wonderful it is until the time comes and that you or a family member becomes so ill that they are in a stage of pain or close to dying. We found out recently that my Brother has a stage 4 brain tumor.  Today is still a beautiful day not for my brother because he does not know anything , He in a sense already has left this world of ours that God has given us.This is what happened to my brother, my dad and me.

Now when we talk about miracles, I am a miracle!! One day I was on my computer and all of a sudden, yes all of a sudden I could breathe. Fortunately my son was home and I, yelled out to him to call an ambulance: they were there in seconds...when I got to the hospital they had to tie me down and when they settled me..My family was all there and for three days they never found anything about me. When they did out nothing until three days later....I wanted out of there and from  what I understand after the fact is that my family was called were told they should pull the plug...of course I am here so you can see I came out of turns out I had unknow type of pneumonia and respitory heart failure. I was in a coma for 3 weeks,  I the last rights twice I didn't know a children even made a cd of all the songs I loved and put it next to my ear, thinking this would help  awaken didn't. I suppose my body had to run through its course. meaning time for all those prayers and God having the time to keep me alive. You realize he is always very busy lol. The doctors did a great job and certainly all the prayers my family and my Redbubble friends.  I am an artist at Redbubble a community of wonderful warm artist. A special lady of  Redbubble, Frannie  took it upon herself to be a warrior of prayers. Dear Frannie !! you will always be in my heart as a kind loving person of faith and good to all the artists at Redbubble...Thank you so much.

When I was leaving the doctors said I was a miracle, they never expected for me to ever leave the hospital. PRAYERS PRAYERS PRAYERS!!! As the saying goes...God was not finished with yet. Remember to pray hard for that person that may be ready to leave us..those miracles are waiting to be sent to you. Believe and you shall recieve. May God Bless you and your families.Take your time with your family and friends when can and even people you may not know. I leave you with my prayers for my Brother and best friend Robert.
Love peace and healing

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