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Dec 15, 2011

Beauty Of Life

Beauty Of Life
by Sherri

I want perfect health!  I like feeling good.  I enjoy my good-feeling body.  I have many positive memories of feeling good in my body.  I see many people who are clearly in a state of good health, and it is easy to see how much they are enjoying their good-feeling bodies.  When I think thoughts like these, I feel good.  These thoughts are in harmony with a healthy body.  It's all in the believing in ones core, and it is never too late!.  This should be ones mantra, ones mission statement and for those who may benefit from it if they're open and ready to accept this belief rather than centuries of ingrained negative thoughts of aging and illness.  The thought that is true is the one one accepts as their belief.

Mantra for health by Rob Viliunas
  1. With Love

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Sherri Nicholas said...

Very nice Rob, thank you for sharing it with me and my blog friends...