St. Jude

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Feb 26, 2012




Angel Of Love And Smiles

Our little Angels are here to share their wisdom

Our little Angels are here to protect.
When you think you don’t need them
don’t worry they are still there..

With a blink of the eye they will catch if you fall.

Pick you up when you are down.
Our Little Angels are always with us
Our little Angels are here to protect. . 
So shh be quiet and listen, you will hear
a tiny little voice that says I am here..
Believe!!!! and you shall receive.
try it,
when you are doing something
as in climbing a ladder or doing something in 
the house or outside that could be
dangerous especially with the snow and ice
out in the world..if you are tuned into
your angel you will hear a little whisper
reminding you to becareful…
some may think it rediculous…well I sure
don’t , I believe they are with me


by SherriAngels Blessing

February Angel.. is the Angel of Belief
She and the other angels go thru heaven
like beautiful little Doves..Looking over the
world with fine instincts of what is happening
in our lives.
February Angel Is the mother of all the little
angels that follow her till the end of the month.
You see every month a new mother angel
takes over with her l angels and instinctly
watches over us also, as did the January Angel
I bet you didn’t know

God has given each angel things to do
and people to watch over. He expects
them to bring all there prayers to him.
Sometimes we wonder, Gee I keep
praying and for some reason they
aren’t getting answered…
sometimes he may not answer
seeing as he believes it is just
not the right thing for you!!
God Answers us in his time.
and you must believe!!
Must believe!! as in anything in
Life!!! we will recieve if we Believe
Hope you like my poem & painting!!

March Angel

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