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Mar 29, 2012

Bobby's story in his words

                                                      IN BOBBY'S WORDS

I had asked Bobby if he would give me a little information and pictures of his
My city name Sialkot. Our national poet Sir Allama Iqbal was born
here. Sialkot city very famous for making football and surgical
instruments. I  unmarried I love all the peoples.
 I live with parents they
want i go to abroad. Being a Pakistani I show the real pakistan. Some
fake TV channels say Pakistan is bad country its not true

In Pakistan when male and female cross the 25 yrs they get marry I am 35
>> and unmarried peoples tease me and How can I get marry ? with out a job
>> I went many school for art teacher job they rejected me They wanted
>> art diploma I learnt from an white washer man. He taught me 1 hr and when
>> I
>> was kid I can draw and 2nd they rejected me for my poor English.So painful
>> time
>> I faced terrible time and Now I am mute , I hope soon I will leave
>> Pakistan and go abroad for job, I have no friends in Pakistan but some
>> friend on line like you and some bubble friends they love me I will be
>> thankful to you and others This is Bobby dar.

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