The Dollar Tree!!

The Dollar Tree is such a fun place to shop.. Easter is almost here and there are lots of goodies to shop for.. I went there yesterday and we bought awesome food-veggies for sandwiches.. what would have cost us 100.00 at least cost 40.00 of course had to throw my popcorn in.. its amazing Shop Swoozie's

Jul 3, 2012


                                                       JR. RUFF
"Lava Tube Fantasy in Gold" by jyruff | RedBubble:

Lava Tube Fantasy in Gold by

Coming out of a now empty lava tube onto a secluded Big Island beach scene sparkling and shimmering with vibrant sun rays passing through the silhouetted foliage. … is a very inspirational scene, indeed… 16″ × 20′ Fine Art seascape Oil Painting – original work sketched and hand painted by Hawaii Seascape Artist Joseph Ruff

Artist – Photographer, Surfer, Hiker – Scientist/Naturalist, Animal Lover,Writer. " LIFE SEEN THROUGH ART – IS A LIFE WORTH HAVING LIVED"- Joseph Y. Ruff…. Born, San Diego,Ca., only child,Navy brat, Japanese mom, German Dad. Started drawing before I could talk.Parents gone a lot,dad overseas,mom silk embroidery/life size Kabuki doll artist. Would stay months at a time in my room drawing /reading. Read Encyclopedia Britannica, adult version, cover to cover over 5th grade summer..First sale, 5th grade, – Gary Blackmore 3/4 view van gogh style heavy colored chalk portrait to San Diego evening tribune for feature @ 350.00. 2 nd sale, 6th grade, – San Diego Bay view city skyline,midnight lights, pastels, @875.00, to San Diego museum of modern art, perm collection. Moved every few years, lived Asia, the Americas, Europe,north Africa. Graduated from, – Kenitra Amer H S, Rabat, Morocco, n Africa, colleges, – San Diego state univ, aa-phyical science, UCSD-La Jolla, Revel ext.,ba-physics, ma-astrophysics. Art scholarship – Chicago Art Institute @ Allerton school of art. Teach, – San Diego State Univ. – fine art, oil painting,beg/ int/ adv. Big Island, – H S ,physics, math, astronomy,molecular biology,geology. Current location, Kaneohe Bay,Oahu. Water child, never lived more than 5 miles from large mass of water. Surf almost every day,surfed every place I’ve lived. Avid hiker, hiked over 250 Oahu trails alone.Hike 4-6/wk w/my 3 dogs. Further away, higher, deeper, more dangerous, the better. Current hiking/nature photo compilation greater than 500,000, total # photos in stock more than 750,000. Total # photos, me – 2. Currently working on, – fine art oil paintng, Photo/narration/music cd Oahu hiking trails, books, – photo narration Oahu hiking trails, Photo Encyclopedia narrative, Oahu hiking Trails Guide/Encyclopedia. Current # cameras 4. Current # surfboards 24. …


                                         BY JFRUFF

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