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Sep 4, 2012

"DON'T LOOK BACK!!" by Sherri Nicholas | Redbubble

"DON'T LOOK BACK!!" by Sherri Nicholas | Redbubble:
*"Mariska Digital Art Award
Outstanding Visual Impact
SoJie 18, August 2012":*

Sep 3, 2012

"Bryce again II" by Meeli Sonn | Redbubble

"Bryce again II" by Meeli Sonn | Redbubble:

Bryce again II by

Bryce Canyon National park lies within the Colorado Plateau geographic province of North America and straddles the southeastern edge of the Paunsagunt Plateau west of the Paunsagunt Fault. Park visitors arrive from the plateau part of the park and look over the plateau’s edge toward a valley containing the fault and the Paria River just beyond it. The edge of the Kaiparowits Plateau bounds the opposite side of the valley. Bryce Canyon was not formed from erosion initiated from a central stream, meaning it technically is not a canyon. Instead headward erosion has excavated large amphitheater-shaped features in the Cenozoic-aged rocks of the Paunsagunt Plateau.

"The Giraffe is smirking" by Meeli Sonn | Redbubble

"The Giraffe is smirking" by Meeli Sonn | Redbubble:

Sep 2, 2012

FEATURING MEELI LOITE SONN, ORIGINALLY FOR ESTONIA..Japanies Garden with marple tree by Meeli Sonn | Redbubble

Meeli Loite Sonn is an freelance photographer based in Los Angeles county, USA. Meeli specialises in producing high-quality images of our all kind natural world, without focusing anywhere, only capturing the beauty and mystery of nature, animals, birds, plants, where she sees it. Meeli’s love of nature does not end with the landscape, as she aspires to photograph all things natural in his own unique way. Her big passion is macro world.

Japanies Garden with marple tree by

This Japanies Garden is locating in Los Angeles, and called The Huntington Botanical Garden and Art.
The balance of positive and negative forces, Yin & Yang, are ever present in Japanies Garden. Obvious in the skillful blending of traditional Japanese landscaping with modern Occidental architecture, less so in the way the Japanese concept of "WA"or harmony is used to unite the desires of the human spirit with our more mundane requirements—the exquisite beauty of a Japanese garden with the need for an abundant supply of fresh water. This garden is inviting you to walk, to sit, to contemplate your surroundings in our garden. To do so is to experience absolute tranquility, it is to enrich one’s spirit, to achieve a state of grace so elusive in our busy modern world. It is to emulate Lord Buddha who, three thousand years ago, seated in the shade of a tree in silent contemplation of the human condition, achieved spiritual enlightenment. This is the garden of water and fragrance.
"Japanies Garden with marple tree" by Meeli Sonn | Redbubble: