The Dollar Tree!!

The Dollar Tree is such a fun place to shop.. Easter is almost here and there are lots of goodies to shop for.. I went there yesterday and we bought awesome food-veggies for sandwiches.. what would have cost us 100.00 at least cost 40.00 of course had to throw my popcorn in.. its amazing Shop Swoozie's

Oct 14, 2012


 Purpose of Colors in Scripture
On the first day of the Re-Creation of the Earth to get it ready for man in the Appeal Trial of Satan, light was the first thing created. That light divided the darkness. The light was both real and symbolic. The real nature of light had physical properties. The academic discipline of physics has discovered many of the characteristics of that created light. The light has been found to have a visible and an invisible spectrum. Quantum mechanics even deals with the fundamental components of the particle structure of light energy; so that this light is perceived as a basic building block of atoms. So light is the basis for all physical creation

every little star reaaches out  to me and says, I am here I am here, think of me when your blue. think of me when you happy, because I am here for you always to look up and see me  shining like I want to see you..

when your not shining talk to me, I am God's creation and he knows you are talking to him as you speak to me
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