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Oct 31, 2012

"as the moonlight shines" by TheBrit | Redbubble

"as the moonlight shines" by TheBrit | Redbubble:

Inspired by my passionate muse.
as the moonlight shines
As the moonlight carresses our skin
while we were taking a midnight swim
the gentle wind with the sounds
of splashing waves, were pure magic
It was as though we were being serinaded
by the orchestra of neptune’s imagination
the mermaids were playing their violins
the octopus the harpsichord
We were floating into our fantasy
of romance
I gave you a rose of blood red
to signify my deeply felt love for you
you excepted with a tantalising smile
by whispering
“I need you so much more than you
will ever know"
I replied with an embrace
within the depths


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