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Nov 23, 2012


"Healing Rays
The roar of the sea: ebbing – flowing;
ebbing- flowing.
The sound of the buffeting wind
as it whistles through the cracks of the window:

All else is quiet…..
and the warmth of the winter sun
permeates through the glass and pervades my senses.

As I am warmed by it’s gentle heat
The facade I consider to be my defence for survival, melts.
Tears course down my cheeks like ripples of rain drops.
I allow myself to be overtaken by this emotion,
Yielding to the sun’s healing rays.

The seas roar and the winds whistle
Become ever distant,
As the sun becomes more powerful
even on this cold winter’s day!

My inner turmoil calms
As my soul quietens…and…..
Ever so softly I hear the Creator whisper
‘Take on my Peace….
Even just for this moment.’
Penned by Angela Mclinton Nov 2012
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