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Apr 1, 2013

Gorgeous work by Celeste Mookherjee Long Beach, USA, you will just love her works

Morning glorious (photograph blended with a texture layer):

A Lensbaby capture of morning glories took on a painterly feeling when blended with a texture from French Kiss Textures.

Monarch sipping dahlia nectar:
Butterflies are special creatures - unpredictable, magical, beautiful. As they flutter and do not pose, this capture was a rare privilege!
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My Portfolio link:

Elegant calla against nature's painted backdrop:
 I would also like to mention that Celeste will be in Palos Verdes where sh will be part of an upcoming show. Here’s the link to the gallery  (scroll down to the Digital Art show http://www.pszaskgallery.c/UPCOMING_SHOWS.html.

Calla lilies are versatile and elegant photo subjects, even when viewed from unexpected angles.

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