St. Jude

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Aug 5, 2013


CHEETAH , We went to our little zoo here in the Palm Springs desert.
It's a great zoo all open and with  hills and trees so the animals have their freedom.
I couldn't wait to see the Cheetah and the other animals in the zoo.
After walking the trails and taking pictures we found Cheetah whom is the 600th CHEETAH
In the world.
He was sleeping the first time we went to see him. Later we went back and he was up and
walking rather slow and not looking to good. This is the picture of him but of course as you can see
I did some enhancement of him.
well two weeks later we found out our CHEETAH had died. He had some sort of illness which could
be seen , as I said, he didn't look good at all.
When we found out we were so sad ...and he is a endangered specie and now there as far as I know
only 599 left world wide...

                                                                PASSED AWAY 2012
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