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Aug 24, 2013

Hi Ladies Got To Check This Out Pump Lips video

                                                         Brand New On The Market

Hi, now that sounds good and easy, but take a look at all this down here..yeeks
have ever seem someone with really fat gross, but this little one up is is just nice and easy..
let me know what you think.

.Yay, here I have a special makeup post for all the beautiful girlies and ladies! Lets talk about..firstly the benefits of fuller fat and plump lips.If you are Dreaming of Angelina's pucker, but the only way you see yourself getting big, full lips is with collagen injections then stop right there; I have a solution!Surgery is not always the

Thin lips no more!

Not only did I notice a thinner upper lip but i i wanted the area to be lifted up without haveing to have a facelift for something. My doctor recommended I have botox injected right into the cupid’s bow of my lip which actually inverted the upper lip to lift it without injecting filler. It was genius! 

Lip implants years later still look great

I had lip implants many years ago and they still look completely natural.I got them  to balance  my upper lip with my lower one . They have never caused  any problems and i would recommend them to anyone who is thinking about the surgery.

Juvederm Lip injections didnt last

I recently had in both my upper and lower lips injected with juvederm bc surrounding wrinkles were not only causing my lips to look thinner but were also  dramatically aging my face While there was minimal pain (only at the moment of injection) and very little to no recovery time, the results hardly lasted a month. kind of waste if you ask me.

Juvederm left bumps inside my mouth

Im not entiely sure if it was the type of filler I was injected with, if its the procedure itself, or if my doctor simply did a poor job but my Juvederm injections have left uncomfortable bumps on the inside of my lips. It has been a couple weeks since the procedure and they are still there. Has anyone else had this same side effect? and if yes does it go away? until Ifind out what the problem is, I dont recommend these injections for your lips!

No more "smoker lines"

Even though I don’t smoke, I had what resembled smoker lines above and below my lips. I had botox injections which  left me with virtually no bruising and the lines were completely gone. I only had minor swelling and the pain was very brief and only at the time of injection. Definitely recommend. 

Silicone lip injections with the right doctor

I have had silicone lip injections and I do like the results that I have had, but I have an excellent doctor that I trust completely.  If you care about your appearance, then you will take the time and do some research on doctors and the procedures that you are considering.

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