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Aug 26, 2013


Little bit of disco here, get  those dancing shoes and lets see if you are all dancing to these great hits, if you are enjoy! it was a great decade, Era, really started in that decade..I remember women throwing bras in The Chicago River. it sure was things have changed.
I think the 70's brought the older people to say oh thats terrible music, but on certain nites in my fireside lounge of my restaurant they sure came out and danced and had a great time. It also brought them closer to that generation of younger people
..I also believe that this time was a time for a bringing in a whole new type of fun for alot of young and old.It was a time of I think a lot of trouble to, I won't go into that, but I sure remember so many things...its amazing ..The Disco's on Rush really came alive...yep Chicago is my kind of town, sure do miss it..
hope liked this
hope the the video comes out
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