The Dollar Tree!!

The Dollar Tree is such a fun place to shop.. Easter is almost here and there are lots of goodies to shop for.. I went there yesterday and we bought awesome food-veggies for sandwiches.. what would have cost us 100.00 at least cost 40.00 of course had to throw my popcorn in.. its amazing Shop Swoozie's[center][url=][img][/img][/url] [url=]Dawn, Little Angel on a horse Ipad mini case[/url] by [url=]AngelsbyCharmaine[/url] [/center]

Oct 10, 2013

A Extra Little Treat Of My Little Stars...

This Is Dax
Such a precious little guy he was, one day recently
He got out and with us living so close to the mountains
I believe the Coyotes got him.
He was such a nice kittie, when he looked at me
I couldn't help pick him up and cuddle him..
such a loss to our family..Its quite amazing
how he made our other animals so sad. 

This Is Jonathon, we all know the story of Jonathon Livingston Seagull
This picture was taken at Del Mar, California. I love
to feed the Seagulls, I use to live right on the beach in Solana, right next
to Del Mar, there was nothing like the sound in morning of waves. 
Always foggy and the seagulls making there hungry sounds..
How Beautiful God certainly us such beauty in our word.
Its time we start taking care of it.

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