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Nov 14, 2013

Brazilian Artist Juliana Lima, her work is more then incredible...Awesome In Everyway!!

Dear Juliana your work is so magnificent

My angel thank you for your attention, I think it is now clear to me! Sherri wanted to say I love angels too, so that all children drawing as I do not know the name of each one I call angel! Children have some so pure and spontaneous that comes from their souls they love, just love and speak what they think and feel and I love that purity! My angel started drawing I was so small I remember only draw faces on the ground with a stick, but I began to draw even when I was 11 I was always very quiet but very rebellious and loved watching things mostly people's way being and acting, every gesture and facial expressions body but what really fascinated me is always the soul and the design somehow I find this ability to be able to feel the essence of each person, could somehow find some eternal union our soul and our hearts this is what I seek the beauty of the soul pure and true love I seek at all times, despite our meeting is only in paper I deeply believe in eternal and divine encounter. Love the simplicity and design when I seek people that touch me deeply and somehow teach me some words by sorrow or joy because through facial expression a look that is a smile tells everything that goes into the heart and soul. I chose the sweet and lady suffered so embraced in tears with a baby, when I saw this picture I felt a pain so deep that looked at the sky and said sir why so much suffering, that the soul suffers much for that then so agonizing cries in my mind came to human inequality and social and felt that through that sad gaze was a lady who never gave up despite the pain of life and never stopped believing in love. The sweet lady and the baby represents the struggle for life, love, and faith that everything can change through God and through each of us. Sherri chose Laura Pausini with a very simple reason there is some in her soul that delights me the heart, some common, some divine, as if I knew her all my life but just do not know, many ask me if I'm a fan of hers, no I'm not even a fan that knows everything about the life of his idol and admire this ability to love unconditionally fans, and I know you do not say anything in her life, I admire her, but this link goes far beyond all I can explain to you despite not knowing it. My Angel always loved drawing, drawing is all that I am, I've never done courses and much less sold some of my drawings and also some of them never exposed. Just look at the blog and it took me months thinking about it. What I have done much drawings were for people who have contacted me asking me to draw a picture but could not afford to pay, and I was happy to make some people happy too. My goal was never to make money or get known with the my drawings, to me it is the least important, what matters to me is if somehow each of the drawings touches people's hearts and she be happy now just me and who knows if God permits the arm to find that both seek and for a moment to touch the face and found that both drew (Laura). Sherri'm glad that God knows all things and have faith in him and he knows what he does. My angel and my only contact my email. PS: But I do not know if I could meet all requests and all people as they deserve, why I live my Mom and my Father are sick and need me almost all the time, drawing the night when I have more time. My life depends on two very loved and cherished and deserve all my love for this angel found important you know that detail. I am Brazilian, I live in the city of Jales SP, inside, my name is Juliana Lima and I am very happy to meet you kisses with love sherri. 

Please contact me (Sherri Nicholas) and I will contact Juliana for you

her work is so wonderful


Renard Moreau said...

[ Smiles ] Your artwork is impressive!

Juliana Lima said...

Oi Sherri meu anjo de alguma forma sinto em coração que preciso te retribuir todo esse carinho que você me transmite ! Então estou eu aqui para te agradecer de todo o coração esse seu gesto tão lindo e lhe dizer que eu sinto um carinho muito especial por você apesar de não conhecê-la pessoalmente ! E quero que feche os seus olhos e receba e sinta o meu forte abraço com o todo meu amor pra você , que Deus te abençoe sempre por ser essa pessoa única e maravilhosa , beijos meu anjo com muito amor Juliana !

Sherri Nicholas said...

Thank you so much..Juliana is a fantastic artist..just love her work
Renard will see you soon !!