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Nov 20, 2013

You Will Love This...Shared from Fashion Mayann

                               Hi All I am sharing this from a friends blog at Wordpress
                 The Blog is wonderful!! would be nice if you would stop by Fashion Mayann.
                          Isn't this a great design for a sexy look even when you have the
                                            little Bundle Of Joy in her tummy
                                                     Model, Jourdan Dunn
 BeaCandy canes have been a source of inspiration for a Christmas look of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012. Other candy canes-inspired items : Joanne Stoker Spring/Summer 2013 (the « candy cane » heels were influenced by Joanne Stoker’s 1st holiday along the British coastline, when she was 5 years old). Photo : Courtesy of […]utiful Victoria secret model

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