Awesome Gift for You sweet Kids


Jan 25, 2014

Baby Blue Angel,

For the love of angels
Just know that your angel is with you
sitting on your shoulder. She is just for you!!!
Guilding you and waiting for you to talk to her 
 Do you ever think about that... Not forgetting
God!!!! Remember that your angel
is God's messenger and listens and protects.

Jan 12, 2014

Artist Helping Artist-Our wonderful Artist from Brazil-Julianna Lima Artists helping artists by sharing.

Hi All, you definetly can see the beautiful heart and soul Juliana has by just looking at her awesome
art..The Children playing and praying... The mom and child. the pain  a little boy has with the tumor
growing out of his poor little chest.
Julian really never puts her up anywhere. Thats I ask if you would share this beautiful work of hers so
she can sell her wonderful art thru us ( ARTISTS HELPING ARTISTS ).. the more love and sharing around the world the more peace would become a reality.
Enjoy her love and pain for others . Her parents are not well so she takes care of them...what a beautiful Angel Juliana Lima is...Wouldn't you say? You can see her also on google+

Jan 11, 2014

Here is our Susan Bergstrom ...her lovely picture published...congratulations Susan

Susan has been featured here on Art Impressions and featured in New Creations of Redbubble.
She is so talented. Susan's art work includes beautiful paintings of The American Indian and lots
Of Cowboys amongst other wonderful picture such as animals, landscapes and so much more..
Congratulations Susan. Sure happy I opened facebook and found this...As Always my pleasure to
put you on my blog.

How is this for a wonderful image of that great

Peace For All by Sherri Of Palm Springs