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Feb 3, 2014

Angel Of Chemo..dedicated to those that have daughter Mighty and all cancer victims

This Angel Is Dedicated to my daughter and all who have cancer, those that have lost, and those who have one another go thru their healing  it with love and kindness
Thank you for reading
I will be updating this every couple days and to let you who may be interested in the follow ups of her feelings
and how she feels

This is a story and so true of so many of my family and friends that I have lost of cancer...My dad had a brain tumor and this many years ago he died two days before Christmas...2 years ago, about two months before Christmas My brother thought he had Parkinson disease with further tests they found a brain tumor...he died on Christmas day..My Mom had a female cancer and passed 6 years ago..Now my daughter whom I call Mighty has breast cancer that has spread...they found it also in her lymph nodes and she has 4 lumps iand found another one this morning. 
She started her Chemo...a couple of days ago..she went thru pretty good...she litterally is strong walks or hikes 5 miles a day and eats the right who knows but God, The whys of any disease or why certain people get get this horrible disease...Mighty's dad passed three years ago from melanoma...
Mighty has 6 month of Chemo, then surgery and then radiation and God helps us...that she makes it

Now this little is for all of you whom have lost loved ones , family friends!! and if you have it know...God Bless you...keep your faith!!
if you going thru chemo or radiation and or surgery heart goes out to you...if you believe in prayer ..pray your heart.out.. I almost lost my life a couple of years ago...prayer brought me thru it. I believe that with all my heart....Miracles happen everyday...lets all pray for your miracle and new research and on going for all..
Thank you and don't forget to get your check ups and Men that goes for you to...
If My brother would have gone sooner they may have helped ladies and Gentlemen..take care...
love hugs and be good to each other we don't know from one day to the next...
Sherri Nicholas

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