St. Jude

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Apr 10, 2016

Angels Escorting Their Loved one to heaven,

This is painting for someone who has lost a loved one. Sweet Angels Escorting
 your loved one to heaven. if interested in purchasing please contacting me by email

A array of images of my kitties and my Jade !! have a wonderful day...Sherri Nicholas

 I am not sure of this one... I think it is my friend Jaqueiline
 Just a beautiful picture of one of the golf courses here in the desert
 This little guy is a riot, crazy little cat. his name is spooky
 This is my darling cat Nicki.. he follows me everywhere.. he is now 9 years old
My special Jade he is now gone, I still after several years I so miss him..
he loved his ball.. he always had it in his month..The poor guy had epilepsy
and he would have so many seizures.. plus his arthritis was so bad we finally
put him to sleep.. still cry like now when I seem him...My special Jade  he is
in Rainbow Bridge..