St. Jude

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Such lovely ladies that contribute to my blog.. There love Of God is so precious to me, I hope it will be the same for you...May God Bless my friends and all who take the time to read and see there beautiful art and words of love and kindness

Jacquei Essex                               Artist, photographer and a wonderful poet.
Vivian Gordon                              Vivian, is a helper of people, she is always there when someone needs her
                                                      her writings on the God/Jesus are so beautiful ..wonderful artist

Angel McClinton                          Angela, is a little Angel that sits on my shoulder, she speaks so beautifully                                                                                   and writes of our lord. Angela is a wonderful artist also

Liesbeth                                       Liesbeth, is a remarkable artist  photographer and writes so  beautifully

Terri   korom                                          Artists and photographer
 and writer and worderful friend

Valerie Ann Kelly                         Valeri is a very spiritual person and does  beautiful art of God and Saints

Daisy Moira Pigao        Daisy is a helper of people, she is a girl that is a
                                   Nurse, and a special person

BONITA                        VERY TALENTED LADY..
                                 SONGWRITER, SINGER ARTIST
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