Awesome Gift for You sweet Kids

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Bobby Dar and some of his older Pictures and new pictures.that you may not have seen

                                                       Abeautiful Pakistani Movie Star
                                    Theres Bobby with some of the kids from his town In Pakistan
                   I Think that artist and photographers do help relations with some of the people of                                                                                       Pakistan
 They look like little boys that are a little on the devilish side, like most boys are at their age
I don't mean bad things just things that they just happen to find ... Their little minds twirl around now what can we do here..I know I have two boys that have their own now.. 
Aren't they adorable.. so cute.. I hope they are good boys and keep those sweet smiles and live a good life.. Bobby Dar did, he didn't even have pencils to draw with.. now if you look at his work now.. gorgeous!!!
 Another lovely Pakistani Movie Star!!
Mother Thersa , God Bless her Soul

Lovely Star...Well who do we have here.. great job Bobby you can see Bobbys work at,
Bobby Dar's Artwork

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