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Michele and pictures and Breast Cancer Days.

A Rose For Michele And All Cancer Patient.

Michele and friend still exercising ...

Angels Escorting their Loved Ones To Heaven

My Michele, I use to call her Mighty, she was a mighty who had strength and lots of love in
her soul.
she had her problems but when she turned to God and her faith it was a amazing turn around.
Michele helped so many people in these days of love-kindness-helpful to . 

When we found out she had cancer it was such a shock she was so healthy we thought.
Cancer is tricky she went through all the treatments like a trooper. even after chemo she would go to work. had surgeries, chemo again and again, my daughter Dawn and Nicole were to help her. They wouldn't let me help bringing to the hospital for treatments because of my health. I wanted to be
with her so much... as I write the tears won't stop. I miss her so much. but I am so proud of the works
she did helping people. She even went to Haiti in the middle of her re-missions that I have the picture of her and the little Haiti boy.
when she came back she was a healer for other people, The love that she gave was from her heart a beautiful soul.
When she went into her lasr remission we were all so thrilled and happy !!! but we found not long atfer that the cancer had spread through out her body, again we were shock, and so hard to believe
that our Michele was going to leave us.
Michele left us on August 18th 2017 .
She left her love with us forever till we meet again in heaven, We are sure that she is next to Jesus helping him up there as she did on earth.
She is the angel that we feel in morning and at night knowing the love she has for all.
and Mighty Michele was my healer .. yes she was.. 
I still don't quite understand whey he decided this was her time to go home !!!!
Dear Friends and family, I am not a good write so please forgive me for errors or what.. this writing came from heart not my fingers.I leave you all with love 
Sherri, mom

Michele in Haiti helping the sweetie little kids .. she was a helping of love and those that were down and out.. as these poor little kids.. look at him isn't he precious..
The of them were Soul Mate, both so loving and full of love.Both were helpers of people
my facebook page!!!
Michele and friends
The night before she died
Dawn Michele Me and her dear friends.. were coloring books
Michele In Hawaii a couple weeks before she went home to God..
I a video dedicated to Michele a long time ago
A mage I did of her
Michele Saying good by when she was well and we used this for her Celebration Of Life, hundreds came to church.
Made this for her after her death.. and the little picture of her when she was a little one
A book Mark I made with her beautiful face.
 Robert my brother who died of cancer, he and I cancer of the brain just a my dad died of
my dad died of Brain cancer on a Christmas Eve and my brother so many years later died on
Chrismas day.. both of the same thing..
My brother and Michele really were buddies, they both always had their opinions.. they must be a riot in heaven.. My dads picture is below and he never really new her.. he after Michele was born so they will be seeing each other with the rest of my family and friends....

My dad who died of cancer..My MBrother Bob who died of cancer also Michele and Robert were so special to me in my life
took this picture on Skype

Michele an Me Christmas on a even with friends .. At the Ritz-Carleton-Rancho Mirage
My beautiful mom, and a picture of my sister communion prayer book
Free To Be Michele

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